Kung Fu Panda 2

Was rather awesome.

Jack Black is still as funny as ever, delivering the awesome silly panda experience; the whole voiceover cast return (which is a damn good thing), with newcomers Gary Oldman and Michelle Yeoh. The movie had really good visuals too, DreamWorks worked wonders on the movie; however I thought the 3D effects weren’t very spectacular, and I would probably have enjoyed it equally without the 3D.

For the storyline, it was simple and enjoyable, just that I thought that some parts could’ve been better elaborated; it’s true that I was sucked into the movie the whole two hours, but it feels as if the show is bombarding me with story and more story, like literally ‘action-packed’. In contrast, I felt that the first show, which had more character development (probably as a result of its relatively more slow-paced story), was more ‘right’ for me.

However, my friend Jia Wei pointed out that it’s very possibly because I held a lot lower expectation for the first movie than the second that I felt that the first movie was better, or actually, gave me a better impact. I still remember me and two male friends thinking that Kung Fu Panda (1) was a retarded movie and deciding to watch it for fun, and then coming out of the cinema in awe. Haha.

tl;dr version:

+ Action-packed and interesting
+ Jack Black is still as good as ever
+ Nice effects

– 3D could’ve been better
– Storyline feels too tight

8/10 (because the first was a 9/10 for me) 🙂

P/S: E3 is going on, and there’s WWDC! I’ll try to post anything really interesting that I’ve found.


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