HTC Magic ROM: SFM (Salsa ROM)

I started using the HTC Magic about two months ago, and first thing I did was to upgrade its Android version from the old Donut (1.6) to the newest Gingerbread (2.3). The HTC Magic community over at xda-developers are thriving even after two years of release of the phone.

My HTC Magic, with dietGingerbread

That time, I used a custom build called dietGingerbread, based on the stock Gingerbread build (Google recognized my phone as a Nexus S!). However, it wasn’t as perfect as I’ve expected; while the UI was moderately snappy, the thing that plagued me (and made me hate SMS-ing for two months) was the extremely lag keyboard.

The stock Gingerbread keyboard took half a second for every key I typed into the keyboard, making typing anything unbearable. I’ve been looking for a fix, to no avail, and I ended up using Swype, which is the fastest typing method albeit still painfully slow, especially on someone like me with sweaty palms.

And since I was bored at home today, I decided to check out the forum again for any new roms. And I stumbled upon the SFM (SebastianFM’s HTC Salsa ROM port), which is a port of the HTC Salsa rom to the magic. I decided to give it a try and the result is just plain awesome.

The lockscreen (on first startup, not fully loaded)

The rom runs well, with a few hiccups (I had to factory reset once to get my contacts synced correctly), but in general it is very pleasing to use. And this is one of the few roms with the HTC Sense UI on it!

HTC Sense 2.1

I like the look and feel of the rom a lot, and it does its job well, linking all your Google contacts with Facebook and Twitter based on email addresses. The FriendStream app also allows you to view updates from both social networks at the same time, and publish your status to both.


And best of all, the HTC Keyboard doesn’t lag! This solves my two-month frustration of having to deal with a slow typing system. The rom also comes with Chinese support (my previous rom doesn’t :/), which is a big big plus for me.

The HTC applications and widgets are also included (as expected from a rom with HTC Sense), and it feels really complete and like a pre-loaded rom.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the rom. The only things that doesn’t work according to the person who ported the rom is Bluetooth, key backlighting, and Wi-Fi Hotspot, which I don’t use very often, and the battery appears to drain relatively fast.

Quietly brilliant.

Give it a try!

Radio: or
SPL: 1.76.2007
Data wipe 


8 thoughts on “HTC Magic ROM: SFM (Salsa ROM)

    1. Hmm, will the 576 kernel cause any lag issues? My main concern’s with the keyboard, but other than that it should be fine since I don’t do a lot of things with my phone anyway (no 3G yet, waiting to recontract and change phone in the process -.-)

      I’m a Malaysian Chinese.

  1. hey! i’ve gotta ask u, when u first switching to this rom from other rom, just flashed 3.0.2? or I need to flash 1.2 first as a base rom?

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