Acer Aspire One D250: The black horse

Okay, maybe it’s the D150, but I seriously don’t know the model number of my dad’s Aspire One. (Heck, I even went googling ‘how to check acer aspire one model number’!)

Clinging onto my small hope of playing Minecraft at home in Malaysia, I borrowed my dad’s Aspire One to replace my forever-underpowered VAIO P as my workstation of the week. And boy, not only did it handle Minecraft reasonably well (low fps due to mediocre netbook CPU), I could play a 720p video smoothly with Minecraft minimized and a few chrome tabs (Facebook, Twitter..) open, on an external monitor. And that’s with 1GB of ram, not even two.

Now I see some potential in the combination of the Atom N270 processor with Windows XP. Time to downgrade my VAIO P to Windows XP..

In other news, The Voice Episode 3 (the 720p video I watched, lol) was awesome, especially the last duet – Perfect by Niki and Vicci. Check it out!


2 thoughts on “Acer Aspire One D250: The black horse

    1. Actually, Windows 7 is supposed to have moderate speed, my VAIO P served me well with Windows 7 Ultimate, for daily tasks. But now I’m utterly convinced that XP is a LOT faster.

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