Process versus Outcome

Damn, I shouldn’t be digressing from my study on Electromagnetic Waves, but..

The past week I’ve been reading Physics due to me taking PC1143 – Physics III, a module for physics majors. And the module is deadly difficult like nobody’s business; I mean, in a single Level 1000 module the amount of content you are expected to absorb is just plain disgusting. And with so many formulas per chapter (12 chapters times ~6-10 equations/chapter), there is no formula sheet.

But, as much as this module is so downright disgusting, I kinda get a little bit of satisfaction when I read through the textbook and seemingly understood nature, it’s as if everything in the world suddenly makes sense.. I mean, all the electric and magnetic fields generated, circuitry and things that are just relevant in your real life, isn’t it magical?

….. only to get doomed to oblivion when I can’t do the tutorial questions, which proved to be too difficult for a student like me.

I’m happy that things in the world make more sense now, but that’s not important, because the tutorial questions don’t make sense to me at all.



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