Dance Uncensored: Snapshots!

AND it’s one month after my previous blog post. Time flies.

DU was fantastic. Although I was only in 1 item, I didn’t regret it; for missing the coziness of a Eusoff dance group from last year’s DU, what I got was REALLY COOL friends from the different halls. It’s really heartwarming to see dancers from all 6 halls putting in effort to make the item work, do magic, and shine on stage.

There’s the really crazy people like Charlotte and VK, retards like Mereith and Ming Jie (hahah), really nice people like Weiting, divas like Adinda, and of course the most awesome Rasul who’s our choreographer and a good friend of mine. It’s.. another side of hall that I came to see; that different halls are no longer competitive or whatsover, but just work hard together.

And the item was just plain AWESOME.

It’s an experience I will never forget; something that will definitely stay deep in my heart.

I keep telling myself, I will never be an Item IC again, especially in situations like this, where I really have to start doing saigang and approach people whom I’m not close to to ask them for money, cards, etc, and when some of them don’t cooperate it’s really frustrating. But somehow after the whole performance, it all seemed like it’s worth it. Maybe no one will appreciate what I did for Rasul, but I know he deserves it and that’s what kept me going with the presents and things. Special thanks to Nicole, without you I wouldn’t have made it.

But whatever shit I’ve gone through,

Boy wasn’t it awesome awesome awesome. I can’t find other words to describe omg english fail.


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