AY1011 Semester 2

It’s the start of a new semester.

Starting a semester has never been so stressful like this one; for the previous semesters, I went to school with a mindset of starting to learn, getting to know about my modules more, and just enjoying myself.

This semester, even before of my first lesson, I couldn’t rest; I needed to take care of dance production stuff, a cappella matters, and I still have a module that has an extremely heavy workload to worry about.

People believed in me, that’s why they chose me to lead; to coordinate and to bring the comm to greater heights. I always question myself sometimes, am I actually doing things right? What would’ve happened if it was another person in my position? Would they do a better job than me?

I don’t know. But what I know is, I’ve already stepped up, I can’t lose. I gotta fight harder, work harder until the last second, and enjoy the sweet moment of success, when we’ve done a great job.

Off to lesson.


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