My 2010

Here goes. In 2010, I..

*digs Facebook photos*

1. Performed for the YIH opening house as Eusoff A Cappella.

2. Went for a gay date with Luke to repair my spoilt Razer Orochi mouse.

3. Met up with a lot of old friends from my performing troupe during Chinese New Year!

4. Started skipping Multivariable Calculus lectures – one of the mistakes of the year

5. Performed at Eusoff DP ’10 – A Matter of Heart. 3 dances = tiring but awesome experience.

6. Performed at Voices Concert: Emerge ’10!

7. Obtained the Eusoff Rookie of the Year award for AY0910 – guess I’m a hall freak eh? πŸ˜€

8. Became the bodyguard for some pop star

9. Recorded ζˆ‘δ»¬ηš„ζ•…δΊ‹ a cappella with my JC choir mates after a 2-year hiatus – :D:D

10. Performed at Dance Uncensored ’10, same items though, it was fun!

11. Performed for an internal Audio-Technica event, to showcase their headphones!

12. Got shot by a stormtrooper (on the same day)

13. Attended Life Science Dinner and Dance.. although I’m not from Life Science!

14. Performed at Cactus ’10 under Voices, and got myself the COOLEST HAIR EVER by this hairstylist!

15. Wrote a song for 2 of my very good friends, Erin and Eunice, because I couldn’t attend their birthday party :/

16. Went for a trip @ Genting Highlands with my brother’s girlfriend and her sisters, haha.

17. Celebrated Erin and Eunice’s sister, Jolynn’s birthday at their house, and I wrote a song for her too ><

(Song’s on Facebook!)


19. Got dunked for the first time – by the people above!

20. Attended NUS Flag Day 2010, and collected money for the needy, all while not sleeping the previous day

21. Performed at NUS Rag 2010 under Eusoff Hall and won 4 awards!! πŸ™‚

22. Attended bashes and more bashes..

23. Performed at Project X: Hedon, which is incidentally.. also a bash, but in school. Heh!

24. Went for MAF ’10 @ Hwa Chong! Caught up with all my old classmates, although I was emo that day ><

25. Went for Student Leaders’ Retreat.. although it wasn’t really a good experience.

26. Took up the role as dance coordinator for the current year (2011) Eusoff DP. ><

27. Took up the role as A Cappella head for AY1011.

28. Performed at Talentime ’10.. as Ash Ketchum and.. shall not disclose.

29. Wrote a song for dad on his birthday!

30. Wrote my first ever complete game with my team Sofaking (lol), Resource Wars!

31. Performed at MDIS graduation ceremony, twice!

32. Had the most – awesome – birthday – celebration – ever. In my 19 years of life.

33. Caroled at Mandarin Oriental Hotel!

34. Got the best results in my life.

35. Built my very own desktop for the first time – loving the power of my computer!

36. Convinced my dear friend to change his blog address to

37. Watched 29 episodes of ε°„ι›•θ‹±ι›„δΌ  before the year ended! (Like, literally. On the last week of the year)

And that’s my 2010. Wow a lot of stuff has happened! Most notably.. my HAIR! HAHA


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