My little workstation at home. Thanks to the fantastic 17″ screen + keyboard that my cousin gave us, I don’t need to use my eyes on the 8″ VAIO P screen anymore 😀 Not that it’s very tiring, just more comfortable with a bigger screen 🙂 (I sound like I’m bluffing myself, lol.)

Malaysia food is THE BEST. My family went to this random place to eat some seafood, there’s stingray, lalas (best!!), and a couple of other dishes, all for RM64 = S$6+ per person! Satisfying meal 😀 Cheap + good only found in Malaysia.

Now there’s CORS planning to trouble about, I guess I don’t need to worry that much as I have a lot of Programme points for all my core modules haha, plus I’ve already decided on most of the modules I want to take (other than the last GEM that I don’t know). However next semester I’m going to be extremely EXTREMELY busy due to the module CS3217, Software Engineering on Modern Application Platforms.

Good: I get an iPad to program with!
Bad: I get a programming lab full of iMacs that I probably will camp in for 24 hours a day to program with.

Seriously, the Prof is CRAZY. Haha.


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