Frustration + Happiness

Frustration is,

When you are extremely hungry but your friends either don’t wanna have supper or thinks it’s too early,
When you start making 5 mistakes in the easiest question in Maths tutorial,
When you try to calm down only to realise that nothing is going into your brain,
When you try to be responsible but others do not weigh it the same you do.

Happiness is,

When your best friend asks you everyday whether your insomnia has gotten better,
When friends on Twitter cares about your sickness,
When your other best friend doesn’t mind going supper with you even though no one else wants to, at such an early hour,
When you smile to yourself thinking, “I have 2 best friends.. XD”

Sorry for feeling frustrated over the past 15 minutes. I’ll try to control myself next time.

With <3,


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