Stay strong

Haha, the image is certainly false. Nice laugh though.

Today’s exam was really bad, it was my favourite module and I realised I don’t know a lot of things even after I studied so much on it. Sigh. No choice, just gotta let it go and try to score better for the 2 other modules (which I am rather bad at, sigh).

Sometimes I do realise that I tend to look at my failures too much, I don’t know whether it’s a good or bad thing.


2 thoughts on “Stay strong

  1. sorry for intruding into ur blog. haha
    dun think too much about the failure. u still dunno it’s a failure tho. there is a big change that the result turns out to be better than you expect. and obviously thinking too much about it at this point of time is not a good thing. cheer up and continuously jiayou!
    -yanxin. :]

    1. Hey, nah blogs are for people to read right? Haha

      And thanks for the encouragement. I try not to think about it, and I’ll work harder for subsequent papers. You too! 🙂

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