But I failed to yesterday, and slept at 6am after a long struggle.

Seriously, this happening when I have a paper tomorrow at 9am? Totally not good. I think my biological clock is pretty much screwed.

Anyway, watched the American Music Awards 2010 performances by Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber. (Watch them @ Youtube before they get taken down!) Taylor Swift really disappointed me, she went out of tune at the same place in every single chorus, like what? I’m sure she knows that she’s flat right? At least she played the piano by herself, not like..

Bieber! Apparently he played the piano at the start too, but the camera refuses to show us his hands playing the piano. Most probably it’s fake. LOL. He really tried though, his voice is obviously in the transition stage, and he tried to pull off his ballad. Just a bit puzzled at his stage presence.

One song for you guys:


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