Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light

Despite it being the pre-exam period, anyone would need some period of relaxation, right? That’s why I still keep a healthy dose of gaming every day (not exactly healthy..)

And the result is finishing this game:

I’ve always wanted to play Tomb Raider games, as I’ve always found them to be interesting. However, most of the TR games were only playable through the game consoles last time (or I didn’t know there were PC versions available), thus I always didn’t get a chance to try it. I got my hands on this game (strangely not Tomb Raider-branded) last month and finally finished the game yesterday.

The game is awesome!

It combines elements of shooter, puzzle solving and platformer into one cool game. The camera is isometric (some may not like this). Basically, aside from killing the waves of enemies that assaults you at various points of the game, you have to think and use Lara Croft’s weapons and abilities to solve puzzles.

Waves of spiders attacking our players

Various weapons ranging from pistols to machine guns are available for Lara, and she can equip powerful relics and artifacts to empower her attacking abilities.

Puzzles range from avoiding deadly traps, transporting important objects to using your weapons for all sorts of object placements, and there is replay value in the games to obtain more powerful items for your character.

Spider tiles with flamethrowing statues

And of course there are mini bosses every few levels; they are relatively easy though, in my opinion.

The highlight of the game – which I can’t play because I can’t find a gaming partner – is the cooperative play, where one player controls Lara and one controls Totec, her partner in the game. Puzzle solving and hack-n-slashing certainly becomes more fun with a friend in the game together.

Totec crossing the area of deadly spikes through Lara’s grappling hook

I personally love the game’s style (maybe it’s because it’s my first touch in this genre), and I would definitely look out for more Tomb Raider games. Or maybe replay the older games! 🙂


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