Completely unproductive due to the fact that the internet is too easily accessible. And I guess I keep giving the excuse that I am a computing student, and needs the computer =P

I’ve been reading the CS2106 textbook, and I was telling my friend today that this is the first module (or subject.. whatever) that I’ve found to contain two characteristics that I’ve always not used together: ‘difficult’ and ‘interesting’. Interesting because of the content: how operating systems work, files, memory, scheduling, everything that’s really relevant to our computer. Difficult because of the amount of content: one module covers the overview of everything! It’s quite insane, but fun to learn at the same time. If only the lecture notes weren’t so brief (rephrase: if only I took notes during lecture), now I have to read the lengthy and wordy textbook 😦

Oh wells, it covers most of Linux and a little bit of Windows only, anyway.


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