My Twitter Experience

‘Fail Whale’.

Registered for an account about two weeks ago, in order to support a friend who’s competing for the World’s Coolest Intern competition from Standard Chartered. There was only one password box (meaning they don’t let you type it twice for consistency). And it had to happen – I typed my password wrongly.

Normally it would be fine; I could just reset the password right? Technology had to fail on THIS account – no matter how many attempts I made to make Twitter send me the password reset email, it didn’t work.

I got fed up, and after a few days (of trying!) I went to the help section to look for solutions. And realised there was NO WAY to write to them from Help! How retarded is that? Did some googling and after a while, found that there’s this section called Support Ticket (which I couldn’t find any link on the website to). Got the link from Google, requested for the ticket.

And waited.

And waited.

And then it came – gave me a random password to login, and I made sure I typed my password in correct this time. I attempted the password I typed for registration, which contained spaces, and Twitter replied with “Spaces are not allowed in your password.”

SERIOUSLY? That didn’t happen on registration – I used spaces in my first password.

So was that the problem? I guess so.

But see, Twitter doesn’t need to care about these specific, bad luck people since they have millions of users using it without a problem. And looking at how I update my tweets, I guess I’m gonna become hooked up and become a (literally) ‘twitter’ soon.



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