MA2108: Mathematical Analysis I

It’s 2.30am, and I am ranting here about how I CAN’T do tutorial questions of MA2108.

Maybe I should have listened to lectures more;
Maybe I should have done my tutorial diligently before that;
Maybe I should have read the textbook;
Maybe I should have attempted to study in advance;

But it really seems like the module’s difficulty has exceeded what I can take.


It sucks when you suspect/know that you have hurt someone, especially if that someone is your good friend. Sometimes it might be just a suspicion, but the fact that you might have done it just makes you feel bad.

It sucks when you have no idea whether the things that you are currently doing is right. You don’t know whether you should put in more or less effort; there is no guide to this thing that you are doing.

It sucks when you finally understand the truth that you suck in this world.


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