Retreat was half a fail.

Let me list down the games we played in the first day, after travelling to Pasir Ris:

1. Velcro legs together and attempt to kick a ball to the goal.
Okay.. not too bad.. Need to devise strategy..

INTERMISSION – Spent 30 minutes trying to find the god damn station, in the rain, around the freaking East Coast Park.

2. Drop toy balls from second storey to catch using small pail at first floor.
Wow, how fun, got strategy sia. Alternated, so play a bit.

3. Yoga. Hold poses for 30 slowwwwwww seconds because the instructor counted very slowly.
It’s fine.. Gives us a chance to relax ourselves and stretch.

4. Skate and build! Skate to the end of the road, take sand, skate back, and build a sand castle!
We skated across the road (instead of skating on the road), because there’s sand that side too. And what a fantastic sand castle we’ve built! For primary kids to enjoy?

5. Create a rap song that we must dance to. Someone be rapper.
Rapping to Eusoff Anthem sure feels fun.

-warning- Best game ever

6. Find toy fruits hidden in the surroundings! Must ride on bicycle when we pick up and must cycle back!
There isn’t even a timing. Basically we just walk around and pick fruits. PRIMARY KIDS WE ARE.

Barbeque was fine. Cards were great because that was the most enjoyable game of the day.

Today’s games were a bit better.

Tired ttm. Sleeping now.


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