Home, sweet home.

Finally back in Malaysia. I guess it’s a break from the hectic life in Eusoff (but coming back’s only because of recess week, and recess week isn’t slack anyway), let me relax a while.. wait.. I was doing my project work anyway.

What is family love?
Your dad ‘n mum coming all the way to Johor Bahru to fetch you, being scared that you will come back home late from the slow bus.
Having delicious dinner at the usual place that we used to eat from Secondary 1 until now. That’s 8 years.
Surfing Facebook together on our big TV screen and watching retarded videos.
Staying late until 2+am and yet not getting any complaints from the family who’s already asleep. (albeit bad for health.. haha)
Not waking up until 11am despite their continued attempts to wake you up. Hehe.
Having nice nice chicken rice complete with 叉烧 and 烧肉.
Complaining about the slow internet connection while your mum hogs internet through streaming China tv shows.
Not getting scolded even though you are stuck in the room doing assignments on the small laptop screen for the whole day.
Sleeping at 4pm and missing the time to go to the Fun Fair at 5pm, and yet getting packed food from my parents.
Drinking all sorts of funny things like ginseng and soya bean from my beloved Auntie.

Ah, you can do so much at home.


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