because I spent 3 hours on MSN convos.

But that’s life isn’t it? It’s about enjoying every single moment of your time. Even if you’re slacking and just lazing around, it feels better than.. studying.. yeah.. I know I will regret later but whatever, hahaha.

‘ve been talking to a friend through MSN these few days due to some CCA work and I must say my impression of her changed quite a bit. I’ve always thought that she’s the type of friend with a ‘friend barrier’ (coined by yours truly); it means that she is one that kinda ‘chooses’ her own friends to be in her close friends’ circle. Maybe I’m not quite there yet, and maybe MSN masks a lot of things, but I definitely felt better than before when talking to her. I don’t know hahaha.

Was telling a friend of mine that the inherent problem within a computing student lies in the fact that you do everything in the computer and thus the distraction (which is the computer itself) is just in front of you. So I can’t be blamed if I am not studying! hehehe


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