I don’t know

why I’m so affected.

Went to MAF today. Travelling was alone as usual. Reached 6th avenue at 6.10, thought I was late, turned out that no one was there. Okay my bad, I did not take down any of my ex-classmates’ numbers (they disappeared when I changed my phone).

Took the bus to school. As I was walking around, I saw that the school’s now surrounded by tons of construction work, unlike the green spaces that we used to have when I was still studying there. Pity the juniors.

Slowly, one by one, my ex-classmates came. I was happy to see them; after all, it’s been a year since I last saw the same batch of people whom I studied 2 years with. Talked to them a little.

Saw my choir friends after that, the same batch of fun loving people as usual.

I stayed with my class today, when normally I would’ve hanged out with my choir friends; I just wanted to be with them for a little longer as we do not normally have the chance, and my choir friends have occasional gatherings.

Through today I realized that maybe I am just a transparent classmates in their eyes after all.

Maybe it’s because I went to school today with different expectations; maybe it’s just that we did not see each other for a long while, and the communication barrier is there; or maybe it’s just me who doesn’t know how to talk a lot, unlike other people who can just bully around the girls and talk cock with the other guys.

I guess I’m not welcomed.


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