The Weekend

Despite me playing DotA for 3 consecutive days of my weekend (my weekend starts from Friday onwards, haha), I felt that I have accomplished the most in these 3 days;

I finished my part for CE2 in an amazingly short amount of time;
I read 2106 textbook (albeit not all) and almost completed the tutorial;
I am on my way to finishing MA2108 tutorial due on Wed;
Watched myself performing badly during the IS2101 business meeting simulation and gave my own self-evaluation which i think I did rather nicely;
Read through the notes on Software Engineering and (almost) understood all of ’em;
Created the nwc for I Sing You Sing through some ingenuity. 😀
And finally, owned with Pudge the Butcher in a 28-5 game against my friends and seniors in hall.

I think this weekend has been quite a good balance of enjoyment versus studies; however there were quite some times where I did not study at all when I should be studying, haha, gotta work harder on those low-concentration times.

Looking good ahead, though I lost my voice through a McDonald meal in which I ‘voraciously’ (as quoted from Auntie) swallowed a Double McSpicy meal upsize + half a Double Cheeseburger yesterday. Was feeling full the whole night and didn’t even go for supper! Gosh.


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