at the fact that I have a constant stream of updates once per day.

Today was a rather ‘weirdly eventful’ day I would say;
Lessons from 9-12, realised that there’s an assignment (with questions I’ve never seen) to be submitted on the same day, chionged it till 1pm, went back hall and slept for half an hour.
2-4 maths lecture. Went back, finished installing Crysis Warhead (which took a devastating hour leaving my computer to stand still during the meantime), played ALL THE WAY URGHHHHH

Luckily I managed to stop it now, or else I would be still playing the game – can’t get myself addicted!

Dance Supper.. Got to know my dance juniors, cool bunch of people 🙂 And McDonalds nuggets are just golden.

Merdeka Night a.k.a Tee Hong’s birthday, it was quite fun, we had food cooked by the junior girls, not too bad! But we weren’t full so me and Luke went for supper with good old Sheam. 🙂 Awesome fun with Ivan around.

Life yo. The only bad thing about today, which is really bad, is the fact that I have done NOTHING. Wooh. I need to start working on my Business Meeting on Wednesday morning or I would just lose the 15% out of 100% from the roleplaying session. ><

Tired tired tired tired tired.

That’s today.


There’s really nothing that I thought about from the previous blog post till now (what, 10 hours difference la..) but oh wells.


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