Bullying my computer’s hard disk

By extracting files and downloading a lot of files at the same time.

It’s yet another rainy day, and I am feeling calm and nice.

I was walking along the walkway from the Science bus stop, to the area outside LT27, up to the Frontier, then to LT26 to my MA2108 lecture. I observed the surroundings; how people are happily talking to each other, whether it’s about school work, personal life, activities, or whatsover. It’s beautiful; seeing people smile and being happy makes my day. 🙂 How wonderful can the concept of friends get?

Still remember 30 minutes ago when I walked out of the LT, I was like, woah, the sky’s so dark. It signals the rain. Maybe the sky got bullied and wants to cry for a while. I’ll lend you my shoulder my dear sky 🙂 Everyone has dark times. We’ll all pull through eventually.

And there we go, a perfect life
We’re on the field watching the skies

Two sentences from one of my compositions which was never published due to lack of quality. Heh. But that was perfectly how I felt just now; calm, soothing, perfect.

I love life this way.


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