It’s funny

how one person can affect your mood so much.

I feel quite bad for not doing my tutorials, as I felt that I didn’t learn as much as I could’ve learned this morning in the two tutorials; that stupid OO Domain Model is screwing me up.

I feel a lot better about a cappella auditions now.. 🙂 Today’s candidates were a lot better than yesterday’s in terms of average standard. The only problem is, how many people am I going to take in? I had always wanted to keep the group small, so that we can have a closer room for communication and then improve through understanding each other more. However, now I am regretting a little bit about that because there are just so many talented singers around, you really want to give chances to all of them.

And when I say talented, I mean really talented people who have a great voice, and would surely perform well as a solo singer.

I guess that would be the reason for the callbacks – we need to see if the singers are good for a cappella singing, which requires musicality and blending, quoted from my brother. If you have a good solo voice, but are unable to create blending harmonies with the other members of the group, that would not make up a good a cappella member.

Hehe, I sound like I know a lot about a cappella when I do not.

The easiest way to know what makes a good a cappella group would be through The Real Group.

They. are. fantastic.
Listen to their voices; while each of them has a unique voice quality and range, the way they come together through their music just makes you wanna melt and walk down the street with them 😀

Tomorrow’s NUSSU Bash, Project X, and me and my friends will be performing some hot sizzlin’ dance on the dance floor yo. Do come down and support @ MPSH 8pm! 🙂


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