Singing, Dancing

I had a thought yesterday about going more into dancing, and leaving singing as ‘second priority’.

Today, during IS2102 [Business and Technical Communications] tutorial, we played ice breakers to get to know our tutorial mates more. The ice breaker consisted of questions that we have to get our friends to answer, then write down on a piece of paper. Two of the questions were,

“What do you see yourself as in 10 years?”

“What do you want to be in the future?”

Without hesitation, I said recording artist; it was after the ice breaker that I realized how deeply I’m in love with singing, and bring music to other people. Dance didn’t even appear in my thought when answering those questions (what a pity.. ><).

And I doubt myself tonight, when I came back and held the a cappella auditions; as much as I would love to bring the beauty of song arrangements (which I myself aren’t even sure how to do it) to the a cappella group, I don’t think people are interested.. I think they are not confident of actually doing it, thus the fact that we haven’t tried. Which leads me to another er.. thought, if my plan really fails, what would happen? If we resort to scores again, wouldn’t we be the same as any other a cappella group, and there probably would be nothing to distinguish Eusoff A Cappella from others.

I’m scared. I really am.

I shall listen to The Real Group to get some comfort within my heart. : )


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