likes you!

Shit, I’m getting so used to my contacts. It’s not a good sign – I am not supposed to like contacts! Specs are 1000x better. Heh.

Today I just wanna blog about a situation that I’ve been encountering from duno when onwards. It’s about the girls I’ve liked.. So what happens is, you like her. Then you began to try to get her response. She responds a little, and sometimes the response isn’t what you expect it to be. Then you began to wonder if she really likes you. You start to take EXTRA care (and I mean really careful) in your actions towards the girl, which leads to 尴尬-ness between you and her, mostly from your side only.

Then, everytime you see her, you worry – how should I respond to her? What do I have to do to catch her attention? What if something slipped my mouth and I let her know something that I didn’t want her to know? You start to tense up, think about a lot of stuff, instead of the supposedly ‘happy’ feeling that you wanted to get – I guess? Troubles come.

To the point where you begin to doubt yourself – do I still like the girl?

I don’t understand why I can’t enjoy the process of chasing a girl. It just feels like a – I hate to say it because it shouldn’t make sense – form of work that I must do. I once, secretly, described it as a chore, but that doesn’t make sense, judging by the number of guys looking for a girlfriend right now.

I guess it’s because I’m inexperienced, haha.

I find that I am always able to communicate better with friends instead of ‘special someones’..


5 thoughts on “likes you!

  1. “if u r despo, u will never find one.”

    ai, why so worked up?plenty of fishes around… just take it easy,
    so what’s the worst thing that could happen?

    confidence and be yourself.
    people like you for who you are
    not how you avoid saying certain stuff yadayada

    1. i’m not despo (or at least i don’t think i am), i just don’t know how to deal with certain situations.

      i think the avoiding thing sort of became a habit. i’ll need to change that i guess.. sometimes i don’t even realise it. the nervous feeling just comes..


  2. our youyou very talented and smart. the girls will come find you 🙂 and dont avoid la! ( hehe, sorry, i have to admit i always read yr blog and lukey’s. not stalking okay! )

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