Yet another night where I refuse to study just because I cannot control my mood to be in one that is productive.

A lot of things have happened recently – to be precise – auditions were held these 2 weeks, for both choir and dance.

And when it comes to the judging and selecting period, you feel stupid.

Who am I to judge people? I do not have any qualifications, nor any long-term (I’m referring to periods of like 3 years+) experience in both singing and dancing. Thus, who would believe that my judgment is right? What if I made a mistake, and did not see the good in someone’s singing/dancing?

I wonder if others think the same way..

I am scared. Scared of rejecting someone into the CCA purely because from the audition he/she didn’t perform well. Audition is one thing – there might be stress/scare factors, and we cannot expect everyone to perform well on their first trial. All the talk about potential, but it is in fact a discriminatory practice.

But there’s no choice – there has to be a standard right? Thus, the comm’s job is to be devils, and separate the line between good and bad.

And there’s the other thing about attitude – we judge people based on first impressions, and we don’t know whether that is a correct representation of the person’s character..



One thought on “ggxx

  1. well xian’s not the perfect system but it’s the best we have. have faith in yourself that you’ll doing the right thing

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