Drinking, drinking, and MOAR drinking

Today marks the start of the second week of school.

The past week’s been real crazy;
Thursday – Freshmen bash @ Butter Factory; crazy dancing in the club with cool Sheam people, and lotsa dramas here ‘n there.

So engrossed in dancing there!

Friday – Timbrefest, but I wasn’t feeling too well, presumably from sleeping late + using up a lot of energy to dance + excessive alcohol. 😦

Saturday – I went out with my rioHC friends for dinner + drink 🙂 It was certainly a fun time with them. Hoegaarden is like the best beer ever.

Sunday – KBox with Grace, Tack Kian, Marcus and Hao Ran. I screamed so much till my voice was gone heh. I’m totally not uploading all my GG videos.
Had SDS™ – Sheam Drinking Session after that, it was just pure awesomeness lar. My OG members were trying to get me drunk, but luckily I wasn’t.. Heh.


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