Hiatus yet again

For once I’m finally using my VAIO P to good use – updating my blog (tick) while downstairs watching TV (tick) through WiFi (tick).

Anyway, we had another piecing last Friday, and all I can say is that it was so exhaustive. I began doing wrong steps about three quarter through the practice, and just couldn’t concentrate. I guess it’s a bad idea to go shopping with friends on the day where you’ll have 6 hours of dance practice, huh?

Went to my twin friends’ house for Sat + Sun, and we went to watch Eclipse.

That’s the book cover instead of the movie poster – I think

Let me make two confessions:

1. I did not watch Twilight and New Moon, nor read their books.
2. Eclipse was a nice movie.

Now you might say I’m mad! But seriously, I thought that the plot was pretty interesting. I liked the whole idea of the vampire thing, and how Edward the vampire and Jacob the werewolf have funny conversations about Bella and their love towards her.

(I can’t find a topless picture of Jacob, but he has a nice body. I’m not gay!)

One thing I didn’t like is how this innocent girl that did not wish for her life to be one as a vampire was killed.

Too lazy to find the actual picture, but she’s cute

Wanted to watch Despicable Me, but sadly the tickets were bad (first row I think).

And now at home.. The twins came to our house for a short stay, and we enjoyed good food cooked by my Mum. Bak Kut Teh, Waffles, Nasi Lemak, lalala.. It was heavenly I must say šŸ˜€

The only bad thing is that I have to go back to reality tomorrow when I go back to Singapore. šŸ˜¦


3 thoughts on “Hiatus yet again

  1. i havent watched! sad sad šŸ˜¦ should watch twilight also!! btw that girl with that blue uniform looks like the girl in silent hill.

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