The Big Groove 2010

Just now (technically yesterday.. whatever) I went for this dance event: The Big Groove 2010.

I swear I will go for the same event next year

This concert is AMAZING. There are various crews from multiple countries that participates in this ‘Asia’s Dance Festival’, including Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and the USA!

I was completely amazed by the quality of dances from the various countries, especially Japan (Wrecking Crew Orchestra) and the USA (Quest Crew). The dance talents present in these crews are seriously fantastic – it’s as if their body parts are disconnected from each other and can move freely o.o I was very impressed by the Wrecking Crew after I watched their performance, and completely surprised at how the Quest Crew brought the performance stage to a whole new level.

Quest Crew from USA – 3 of them were contestants of the America’s Best Dance Crew

Our Singaporean crews did us proud too – IYHAYKJCTB (short form for, urm, If You’re Happy and You Know Joyce, Clap the Boys), Styles and Beyond, and the O Crew all had fantastic dances.

And my idols of locking, Hilty & Bosch, was the 2nd performance, and man did they rock the stage! It is the chance of a lifetime to see them live!

Hilty & Bosch

The concert is just FANTASTIC I swear I would go for next year’s Big Groove!!!


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