Can’t stand this anymore!! OMG!!

Maybe it’s because I drank 4+ cups of Coke, but there’s no way I could eat so many Xiao Long Bao without any drinks, gosh. I guess Buffet dinner isn’t worth it for me after all, even when I have a large stomach =P

Anyway, yesterday I had two dance practices – one for Project X, a NUSSU organized event, and the other for rag dance. Nicole choreographed for the Project X performance, and the song she selected was BoA’s Energetic.

Apparently BoA’s not popular enough for me to recognize this song, haha, but I must say this song’s quite addictive. She’s not too bad in both dancing and singing too – her live performance has the star feel, unlike other people such as *ahem* *ahem* some kid.

Yup, and I still can’t handle Nicole’s choreography properly, due to the extreme amounts of grooving required, which I suck at. 😦


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