Inspiration: Part Two

This post is continued from, my previous post about Inspiration.

So, after having no luck with creating music these few days, yesterday night I was feeling rather out of place for no reason. My brother was watching Alice in Wonderland with his girlfriend, so I decided to take a trip to the meeting room to chit-chat with the programmers (mostly Luke -_-). I went there, enjoyed aircon for an hour, and came back.

Only to sweat a lot when I tried to sleep.. I guess it’s not good to go to air-con rooms when you don’t sleep in them. So I was like, hmm, since I can’t sleep, why don’t I try writing some lyrics?

Thus, I took my phone, and the scrap piece of paper with words by the twins, and started composing. Somehow, everything came; the lyrics flowed in nicely, and when I was composing I could already decide on a tune that matched my lyrics. Excited, I quickly took my brother’s phone, ran outside to the common area, and started to record what I’m singing.

And I got it!

I hope it’s a good piece.


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