The Train of Thought

Had a choir meeting yesterday, with DK (Choir Head) chairing.

We discussed about the various aspects of how the new year would start – publicity, attracting people into joining choir, auditions, and gigs planning. Handy mentioned a lot of things that made me wonder.

I brought up the issue of how people view a cappella as ‘something better than choir’; and Handy responded by asking us why even we ourselves feel that way. What is the value within choir that separates it from a cappella?

Musically, I feel that the difference lies in the warmth of the sound produced; when you sing together as a choir, you feel the energy coming from everyone, you can feel the togetherness that the choir produces. Whereas, a cappella requires more individuality – something that everyone emphasizes when singing in a cappella.

But what makes the choir unique is that the choir is family. You get a bunch of singing friends that you will feel comfortable with, and you enjoy everything together.

Gah, I need to fix the orientation website’s Facebook plugin.


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