I wonder how people create music.

Does the tune come out from thin air? Or is it something that you accidentally dreamed of? How does music make sense to other people? What defines good music? Why do different people have different tastes?

Sometimes, it’s hard to make music when you want to, but the melody comes naturally to you when you don’t have the urge or need to create music.

How does the composers in record labels create music that easily? From inside sources I’ve heard that they even take current songs, ‘modify’ the tune, but copy the chord progressions and slap a new name on the ‘new’ song. How disastrous.

I remember that when reading an article on Taylor Swift, she once said that she writes music that’s close to her personal life; for example, Forever and Always was a song dedicated to her previous relationship with one of the Jonas Brothers (whom I detest.. lol).. Maybe it’s personal experience that will lead you to the way of making good music, as Taylor Swift has proven;

So what happens when you really have a need to create music? I think, don’t force yourself, just relax, take a deep breath, and think about the world around you. Maybe this way, the music will come (keyword:) naturally to you.

So now I’m gonna relax, take a deep breath, and look at what’s happening around me.

(Orientation groups at the basketball court preventing me from sleeping with their shoutings.)


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