Recently while managing the orientation website/forum with Ivan, I came into contact with jQuery again; the last time I used it was during the EusoffWorks IT Training last year.

I must say, jQuery is simply superb. It allows you to do so many things that would otherwise require hundreds of lines of code in javascript in like, one single command! This really saves a lot of time for programmers like us when creating websites.

Speaking about programming, I really need to pick up a lot of stuff.. ><

Anyway, I’m up to Chapter V in Transformers: War for Cybertron, and the boss of the stage – Omega Supreme – is incredibly hard to beat.

Look at the size of that giant Omega Supreme!

(This is not me playing – I can’t seem to take screenshots from the game, it appears as black. Oh well, 640×480 wouldn’t look nice anyway, and I don’t use Megatron because I don’t like him. XD)

I really recommend playing this game – I haven’t got a chance to try out the multiplayer features, but the campaign itself is rather interesting – definitely beating the previous Transformer titles.


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