A fine day

Today’s the start of the new week. Let’s see.. I’ve got to return Johnson the blazer that I borrowed from him since.. Dinner and Dance (woah), I keep forgetting to return it to him everytime I go to West Coast Plaza (which is where he lives).

Well technically yesterday’s the start of the week, but whatever.

So yesterday I went for this KBox session with my brother and his friends. It was truly fun! It’s been so long since I last went to KBox.

– My brother’s friends are good! They can really sing very well, it’s a pleasure listening to them sing.
– The rates are cheap. 8 dollars for 3 hours, 1 drink and tidbits. 8 dollars!
– The range of keys are wider, you could sing from -5 to +5 (compare with the other places, -4 to +4)
– The song selection system is touchscreen. Yeah! 😀

Look at that!

I really had a good time there, and at the end we were just totally shouting lah. Yay for nice evening 😀


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